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 K-10 Distance Schooling

K-10 distance schooling provides a full education program using blended learning which offers a range of learning opportunities, e.g. online, face-to-face, community and home to achieve curriculum diversity and to promote student engagement.

Who can access?

Students satisfying the isolation criteria can access K-10 distance schooling by enrolling in the Tasmanian eSchool as their base school. 
Download Tasmanian eSchool enrolment and registration criteria information for more details on the Isolation Criterion.

How to access?

Initial contact should be made through the Tasmanian eSchool office to verify requirements and arrange an interview with the relevant Head of Campus as required.
The Tasmanian eSchool campuses in Launceston and Hobart support the students with access to resources, activities, facilities and experiences.
Download eSchool Enrolment/Registration form [PDF 800KB]

How does it work?

After the enrolment has been approved, initial contact with the parent/carer is made by the relevant Tasmanian eSchool Head of Campus (north or south). The student is then assigned a Learning Advisor who will negotiate a personalised learning program with the student and their family/carer including access to appropriate online courses. The Learning Advisor will provide ongoing pastoral care.
Parents and carers play a critical role in a Tasmanian eSchool student’s learning by providing supervision, support and encouragement and by working closely with Tasmanian eSchool teachers.
Tasmanian eSchool teachers help students work through a learning program that is designed for their individual needs and based on the Tasmanian and Australian Curricula.
Students have access to learning through the following;
  • The internet, especially email, web conferencing and content management systems
  • Telephone
  • Home visits
  • Printed material (primary students)
  • Face-to-Face gatherings in the south, north and north-west including at the eSchool Campuses in Hobart and Launceston.
  • Student and family visits to the eSchool campuses
  • Camps, residentials and end of year celebrations.

What does it cost?

Usual school levies and charges apply.