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School Association

 Parent Information


School Association

Who are we?

All parents/carers of students enrolled at the eSchool are automatically members of the Tasmanian eSchool School Association Inc. 
The 2017 committee positions are:
  • Chairperson                                          
  • Deputy Chairperson                  
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer                      
  • Principal
  • Heads of Campus (North & South)
  • Staff members (1 North, 1 South)
  • Public Officer (the constitution states that this role is filled by the Principal)
  • Parent representatives (2 from the north; 2 from the south)                 
  • 1 Community membersCommunity members          
  • 1 Student membersStudent members                           
The Committee consists of the people elected to the above positions and they are eligible to vote on Association matters.
All parents and adult family members are eligible and welcome to attend any of the Association’s meetings, which are held either by teleconference or face-to-face.  Please contact the school office to be included:  6282 8181 (south), 6323 8999 (north) or 1800 068 052.
What do we do?
  • Regularly meet via teleconference or face-to-face – a quorum of eight committee members is required for a committee meeting
  • Provide support for other parents
  • Provide links to the school community
  • Contribute to aspects of school planning
  • Review regular school financial reports
  • Approve the annual school budget
  • Review school policies and reports
If you wish to view the Association Constitution, a copy is available from the school office