Registration Program

Stuart Year 9 Stuart has trouble attending school regularly due to traumatic family circumstances and intense shyness. He wants to be a chef. Registered with the eSchool at the equivalent of 0.6 FTE Stuart will study English, Maths and Science. He will attend his school for up to 0.2 FTE for several sessions of Food Studies each week, as well as some time with the social worker and pathway planner. Stuart will also undertake a one day per week work placement organised by the local school.
Registered students can be part time or full time. Registered students remain full time with their base school and access Tasmanian eSchool teachers and programs on a fee for service basis. Registration procedures vary according to the criterion under which the student is enrolling. The five criteria are:
  • Pregnancy
  • Medical - Psychological
  • Medical - Other
  • Travel
  • School initiated

For more information on the criteria and procedures refer to the Tasmanian eSchool enrolment/registration criteria document.

Who can access?

The program is available to any school and Learning Services when it is believed that it is likely to improve the student’s access to schooling, participation or educational outcomes.

How to access?

Initial contact should be made with the Head of the appropriate Tasmanian eSchool Campus.

How does it work?

A program is negotiated that best suits the learning requirements of each student. A Memorandum of Understanding details the program to be undertaken and the responsibilities of all parties.

What does it cost?

The Registration program costs $2000 per term per full time registration. For part-time students the payment is on a pro-rata basis.