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 Parent Information


eSchool policies relating to students and families

Accident Policy
  • It is important that we are informed regarding any serious health issues that affect your child.
    During Onsites, children are primarily under the supervision of teachers, but accidents may still occur.  When serious accidents to students occur, the school follows the following procedure:
    • Medical treatment sought as necessary with regard to the child’s safety
    • Contact with parents
    • Ambulance called to administer first aid and provide transport (if required)
Starting School Age
  • A child may start Kindergarten at the age of four provided their fourth birthday was on or before 1 January in the year they start.  Early entry may be allowed for gifted children or children moving here from interstate.  A child who has turned five on or by 1 January in any year must start school in that year.  Children start in the Preparatory or ‘Prep’ year
Leaving school age
  • Young people who have completed year 10 or turned 16 will be required to participate in further education or training:
    • For a further two years; or
    • Until they have gained a certificate III vocational qualification;
    • Until they have turned 17 or
    • Have full time employment (25 hours +)
Drug Policy
  • The Tasmanian eSchool follows the directions of the Department of Education’s Drug Policy.  The policy has clear statements regarding the inappropriate use of legal drugs and the possession of illegal substances.
    For our students, families and carers this means:
    • Both north and south campus  buildings are  smoke free environments
    • Onsites are smoke and alcohol free
    • The school prohibits the use of illegal substances at any school related activities
    • Parents/carers are responsible for the administration of medication at an Onsitearents/carers are responsible for the administration of medication at an Onsite
    • Staff appreciate being able to work in a smoke-free environment when visiting students at home.
    Our Health and Physical Education programs aim to promote the development of positive attitudes towards health and wellbeing and support the national drug initiatives based on the principles of harm minimisation. We provide a respectful and supportive school environment for our families and students and access to support services and relevant agencies is available through the school.