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Parent Information

 Parent Information

‚ÄčParent Information
Our school has a northern and a southern campus. Each campus has its own teachers with some specialist teachers working across the state. Because we are one united school we use a range of state-wide services to link staff, students and families together. We are staffed by teachers who are dedicated to helping your child learn and achieve.
As well as regular contact with your teachers, the school will keep in contact with you and your family through updates on this website, our regular newsletter eConnections and, through Fronter, our online Virtual Learning Environment. For more information on the Tasmanian eSchool program please read through the Parent Information pages on this website or read through the Q and A 2017 booklet. We welcome and encourage your contact with us at any time. We welcome and encourage your contact with us at any time.
Getting Started
After confirmation of registration, each family and student is contacted by their learning advisor.
  • After discussion, a personalised timetable will be negotiated with the student.
  • Students meet with their teachers either at campus or in the home as soon as possible after enrolment.
  • Support is provided to enable student communication and participation in online classrooms.
  • Students are issued with a Tasmanian eSchool identification card which includes their photograph.
  • Throughout the school year newsletters, information packs and flyers are sent to families to keep them informed of school activities.
  • Opportunities are provided for face-to-face learning opportunities (called Onsites), individual student visits, camps and presentation days where students meet with teachers and other students and participate in exciting and engaging learning activities.