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Levies and Subsidies

 Parent Information


Levies and Subsidies

2015 levies for enrolled students are as follows:

Per child
Per Year
Per Term
Includes 1 set of headphones per year upon request

Additional Charges

Some additional charges may apply – for example, for transportation to an optional activity. 

Students transferring to the eSchool from other schools during the school year

Levies for part of the school year may be charged proportionally, if they have not been paid at another state school during the year. Levies for enrolments from non-State schools are charged proportionally.

Travellers Only

Levies (full year)  A discount of $25.00 is provided in lieu of the provision of a stationery pack. If a stationery pack is required this does not apply.
Postage Fees – Travelling Students
Per Term
Per Year
Per Family
Note: Student work and returned school resources should be stamped and posted to your teacher. We do not provide a free return postal service for students who are travelling.
Registered students only

There are no eSchool levies or charges for students accessing the eSchool Registration Service.