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Expectations Charter

 Parent Information

Tasmanian eSchool Expectations Charter
As a community we have the following expectations of each other:​
That our students will ...
  • Be respectful and supportive of other members of their school community
  • Attend lessons according to their timetable
  • Participate in lessons as fully as possible and return work and seek help as required.
That our families will ...
  • Support their student to participate in the agreed eSchool educational program.
  • Support their child to participate in all learning opportunities as often as possible.
  • Seek advice and support from, and provide feedback to, teachers and senior staff as needed.
That our teachers will ...
  • Provide curriculum that is engaging and appropriate for all learners.
  • Provide timely feedback, assessment and reporting to students and families that is clear, meaningful and constructive.
  •  Be available to students and families in person, online and via the phone, quickly and sensitively as appropriate.