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Computer Access

 Parent Information


Computer and Internet Access

To access eSchool online lessons and courses student's will need access to a computer and internet connection.

Do you need advice on purchasing or borrowing a computer?

  • We strongly encourage all families to own a computer and Internet connection.  
  • The eSchool lends computers and other communication equipment when families are unable to purchase their own. Contact your teacher or the school office for more information.
  • The eSchool provides an Online Access Subsidy to help subsidise the cost of Internet Access required for school work.

Setting up your computer

If you are using a computer supplied by the Tasmanian eSchool it will have the appropriate software already installed.

If you own your own computer here is a list of appropriate links of the software we recommend:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft Office - Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Excel, Access, Outlook
    (Note: You can download as an alternative
  • Winzip - Compression utility, free download, automatically runs
  • Adobe Reader - Document Reader, free utility, automatically runs
  • MalwareBytes - Removes Internet Spyware from computers, free utility
  • Microsoft Security Essentials – free antivirus download
  • Quick Time Alternative – alternative for Apple Mac - movie player plays movies on internet sites
  • Shockwave player - Allows Shockwave graphics on internet sites
  • Media Player 10 - Microsoft Multimedia Player, plays music and video and is optional
  • Java - required for your livelessons