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 Parent Information


Tasmanian eSchool Attendance Summary

  • Ensure that their child attends classes or teaching sessions as directed by the school, in line with Department of Education policy and guidelines.
  • Notify northern or southern campus reception staff, by phone or email, when their child will be absent because of illness, incapacity or other causes. Parents/guardians should notify the school, rather than the student.

    Contact: 1800 068 052 or South: 62828181 or North: 63238999
  • Provide a certificate from a medical practioner, if the child's non-attendance, due to illness, extends beyond five consecutive days.
  • Receive an SMS notifying them of their child's previous day non-attendance, if the absence is unexplained.
  • Follow the directions of the Principal in relation to attendance or absence associated with communicable diseases or infestation.
  • Comply with acceptable reasons for student absence which include: sickness, temporary physical or mental incapasity; or any other reasonable cause as approved by the Principal.
Teachers …
  • Record attendance for every student in every lesson on the day or before 9.00am the next day to prevent an incorrect SMS being sent to the parents/guardians.
  • Record attendance for students who are late entering class so that these students are not marked as non-attending.
  • Convey any explanations of absences to the relevent office staff as soon as possible on the day they are received from a parent/guardian.
  • Refer apparent unreasonable student absences to their Head of Campus for investigation.
  • Working off site, and relief teachers, should supply class attendances to the office for entry.

Travelling students

  • There are instances when travelling students cannot make their regular commitment due to connection issues often relating to poor internet services or being out of range.
  • For students in this situation who miss their class/lesson, the eSchool will adopt (F) Absent, Explained-Other. This category is used when the parent/carer has notified the school with reasonable cause for non-attendance other than sickness/incapacity.
Office Staff…
  • Generate the Unmarked Attendance Report daily.
  • Ensure that teachers with unrecorded attendances update the information ASAP.
  • Implement the SMS program for parents/guardians between 9-11am daily.
  • Supply Heads of Campus and their teachers, at reporting time, with appropriate reports (especially Report 002) to indicate students’ attendance patterns.
  • Provide reports and statistics to Senior Staff on request.